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The complete industry standard WalkAround compliance solution for all aspects of company vehicle checking and reporting.

Convey WalkAround Means:

  Ensuring DVSA Walkaround compliance

  Avoiding expensive business disruptions

  Eliminating time consuming paper trails

  Simplicity for you and your drivers

  A single view of fleet roadworthiness

  Confidence in vehicle safety

Dangers of non-compliance:

  Failed roadside checks

  Fixed penalties

  PG9 Roadworthiness prohibition

  Potential prosecution

  Loss of Operator's Licence


Easy To Use App For Your Drivers

The Convey WalkAround app is intuitive and simple to use. It works with any iOS or Android device.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Conduct daily checks via the app ensuring Drivers are checking their vehicle and following the law.

Respond Quickly To Defects

Full visibility of your fleet status, including checks completed, common defects and defects raised.

Stay Safe & Compliant

Ensure your drivers are completing checks correctly, including location and duration.

Expert Support

Our staff have over 20 years experience in supporting operators and drivers within the transport industry. We are on hand to assist you with all aspects of the Convey platform

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Pay £1 per vehicle per week

Unlimited Vehicle Checks, Unlimited Alerts

No contracts, subscription or direct debit commitments


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Licence Check solution enables organisations to actively check driving licence eligibility


The complete Tachograph analysis compliance solution


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The complete industry standard WalkAround compliance solution


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