Convey Walkaround features

Designed for Drivers

The Convey App has been designed with drivers in mind. With a clear and simple user interface, recording WalkAround checks electronically couldn’t be easier. This will ensure a smooth transition from the old paper defect book.

Data Analytics and Reporting

The Convey system continually captures and stores WalkAround data as checks are completed by drivers. Log into the Convey website to analyse the defect status of individual vehicles and the whole fleet.

The data provides an on-going record of the status of each vehicle, establishes a compliance record for internal reporting and proof for enforcement agencies. This helps avoid costly business disruptions.


The pricing model for Convey WalkAround couldn't be more straightforward. From £1 per week per vehicle with no restriction on the number of times each vehicle is checked. There is no limit on the use of the reporting system and analytics.

Real Time Information

The Convey App is smartphone or tablet based, this enables updates to happen in real time. The Depot or Transport Management Team will be made aware of any defects as soon as they are raised.

The App also works off-line. If there is a temporary lack of access to the Internet you can still use the App. As soon as the Internet is available again checks are synchronised with the Convey website.

Implementing Convey and Costs

Implementing Convey WalkAround is simple - it's a matter of installing the App on a mobile device, logging into the Convey website and away you go.

There are no additional costs to set-up and manage Convey. All you need is for your drivers to have access to a mobile device, and a PC with Internet connection for those managing fleets and teams. The Convey team take care of all aspects of system management including mobile operating system updates.

Validation by Location

Convey WalkAround uses GPS to record the precise location at each point of a check, this information is also available on a map on the Convey website. This gives you confidence genuine compliance checks are being completed where and when you would expect them to be.