Convey WalkAround

The complete DVSA Walkaround compliance solution for all aspects of PCV, HGV and company vehicle checking and reporting.


Convey WalkAround means:

  • Ensuring DVSA Walkaround compliance
  • Avoiding expensive business disruptions
  • Eliminating time consuming paper trails
  • Simplicity for you and your drivers
  • A single view of fleet roadworthiness
  • Confidence in vehicle safety

Dangers of non-compliance:

  • Failed roadside checks
  • Fixed penalties
  • PG9 Roadworthiness prohibition
  • Potential prosecution
  • Loss of Operator's Licence

Convey WalkAround Concepts

  • Capture

    Capture all WalkAround checks undertaken by drivers. Set up your drivers with access to the Convey WalkAround App and immediately start to view the log of checks and defects for each vehicle.

  • Report

    Login to the Convey website to view reports and analysis on a vehicle by vehicle basis or the whole fleet. View locations and patterns of checks for vehicles on a map. Zoom into specific locations and print the results to demonstrate DVSA compliance.

  • Respond

    When a Convey WalkAround check picks up there’s an issue with a vehicle you will know immediately what the problem is and where the vehicle is. Respond to resolve the defect to avoid further issues or the risk of failing roadside checks.